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Welcome to RentWorks Property Management!

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your Business. We know you have many companies to choose from for your Property Management needs, but we assure you we are set apart from the competition.

Why Choose RentWorks?

  • Exceptional business relationships with our Clients.
  • No hidden fees EVER!

  • We do not mark-up your maintenance charges. Yes, many companies do this!
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to treat your home like their own.

  • We have a wide array of qualified vendors on call 24/7 with lowest rates in the industry.

  • We build lasting relationships with our tenants to prolong their stay and reduce vacancy.

  • Payments are sent to you via ACH/Direct Deposit.

  • You have 24/7 online Owner Portal access to view all accounting for your properties.

  • We have a 24/7/365 Maintenance Call Center. No emergency ever goes unanswered.

  • Tenants are required to carry Renters or Liability Insurance.

  • We use state-of-the-art property management software, Appfolio, to effectively manage your properties.

If for any reason we do not exceed your expectations, we will release you from your contract. It’s that simple. Our team at RentWorks is eager to show you how dedicated we are to each one of our clients.

property management

FAQs for Homeowners

Here is an outline of the fees we charge, and the purpose for each:

  • Management Fee – 10% of 1 months rent – to keep your property occupied by a reliable tenant and to handle the dirty work such as 24/7 maintenance management, hunting down rent payments, accounting, answering tenant questions, meetings with owners, property inspections, etc.
  • Leasing Fee/Placement Fee – 75% of 1 months rent – A leasing fee is charged to owners to cover the cost associated with advertising and showing your rental property, reviewing applications, screening tenants, processing lease paperwork, and preparing a property for move-in.
  • Renewal Fee – Flat Fee of $150 – A lease renewal fee is typically less than a leasing fee because it involves renewing/negotiating your current tenant’s lease agreement after reviewing your tenants payment history and other criteria, like reviewing inspections of the property to make sure they are taking good care of the it, reviewing market comp reports, etc.
  • On-boarding Fee: Starts at $350 – An onboarding fee may be charged as a one-time amount to obtain the correct paperwork and properly set up your account. Setup fees can vary depending on how many properties or units exist in your portfolio and may be waived if you provide us with all necessary information.

We will set up a quick video call, if you wish, to meet the team and go over what is needed to properly onboard the property, including all documents needed. Any HOA information that needs to be gathered, how we set you up for direct deposit of payments, how we get keys to the house and set up a time for a hand off if needed. You can ask questions and get to know us during the Intro Call.

We inspect a property upon obtaining keys using our AppFolio Property Manager program. We take photos of each room, appliance, appliance makes and models, anything that needs fixed, or attention and we detail the house at the time of turn over so we have a starting point for any tenant that moves into or occupies the property. The inspection will include photos of each room, the inside and outside of the home and any notes of anything that is observed at the time of the inspection.

– How often should I expect an inspection?
Anytime the property is vacated by a tenant, a RentWorks team member will conduct an inspection for any damages. We will compare prior photos to the current condition of the property.
–You can view your inspection anytime in your AppFolio owner portal listed under Inspections. After the Inspection is performed it will be shared with you in the portal.

We recommend a state of the art lock system at a one time charge of $79 for the lock plus $150 installation for the lock. The Mojo Lock works without internet access to the house so anytime there is a new tenant moving in or out all codes can be changed and accessed by any RentWorks employee or vendor at anytime remotely so we can monitor who has access to the house when it’s vacant. While a tenant is occupying the property the lock codes can be programmed for them, they will also have access to a mobile app to unlock the house whenever needed. Feel free to visit their website to learn more about Mojo Lock.

Appfolio is a property management software that is accessible by Owners, Tenants, Vendors and RentWorks team members. In Appfolio you will find your Owner profile, where you can find financial statements, property information and Inspection reports of your properties. It will also show you important documents including the tenant lease and the ability to make a financial contribution for any repair as needed. You can also keep your profile up to date for RentWorks team members including updated email addresses, emergency contacts (in case there is something happening at your property and we can’t get a hold of you, we need an authorized person we can speak to on your behalf.) The following link will help you to set up your owner portal and navigate all the features of the portal. Upon signing of a management agreement we will email you a link to register as well.

Accounting disburses on the 1st of each month and then every subsequent Friday, assuming the tenant has paid rent and the funds have cleared the bank.  It can take up to 10 days for the rent payment to clear from the time your tenant pays. This can cause fluctuations in disbursement dates.

The majority of the time, if there is nothing going on with your property, you wouldn’t hear from us. We try to keep communication to a minimum so as not to interrupt your busy life. In the event we do need to contact you, we try to keep it to a quick email if nothing is urgent. In the event that something urgent arises, at that time, we will attempt to contact you via phone or text for an immediate response. The best way to contact us is via email, for anything that is urgent, please call the office during business hours.

Tenants are screened by the following criteria, Occupancy guidelines (in accordance to state laws), Age (any applicant over 18 must apply), Identification (must provide valid photo ID), Credit, Rental History, Income (must be 2.5x the monthly rent,) Criminal history and multiple applicants (should a group be applying to live together they will be scored as a group.)

Through the tenant Appfolio portal, tenants are easily able to report any issues that arise in their home 24/7. If an emergency arises, they can call our 24/7 maintenance hotline and report the issue and a vendor is set up automatically. During business hours, all work order requests are evaluated by the RentWorks team and assigned to the proper vendor for immediate dispatch when possible.

As soon as the house is deemed suitable to rent, it is listed on our website as well as several popular websites such as Show me the Rent, Abodo, Apartment Advisor, ApartmentLove, Dwellsy, KeyLasso, Rentler, Uloop, and Apartment lists. For select houses we will list on the MLS if deemed appropriate.

Generally listings will show on these websites within 24 hours of listing on our website.

We hold our tenants accountable to maintain the property in the same condition (or BETTER) than it was turned in to them

  • Utilities are to be paid for by Tenant
  • Landscaping maintained by Tenant
  • Pest Control provided by Tenant
  • 90 Days after the Lease Start Date, Tenants are expected to pay the first $150 of all maintenance repairs, so long as Florida Law allows us to charge the tenant

Each Vendor that we work with is entered into Appfolio and has the ability to update their own profile, schedule visits with tenants, enter estimates for repair as well as enter bills after repairs are made. They have their own Vendor Portal for ease of communication with the RentWorks team. They can also access important information such as gate codes etc.

Each pet at a property is registered and screened through when they are approved, a non refundable deposit of $250 will be paid directly to the owner.

FAQs for Tenants

Yes, we collect Security Deposit within 24 hours of your application being approved and 1 full months rent no later than 5 days prior to your Lease Start Date
If you move in and it’s not the first of the month, you will pay a prorated amount on the second month of your lease. Security Deposits are determined by your Applicant Scoring Form which can be found on the website. A Security Deposit serves as a means to fix or replace something in a rental unit that was damaged, lost, or stolen by the Tenant. Security Deposit is refundable if there are no damages.

Unless otherwise indicated in writing on your Lease Agreement, yes, utilities will be the responsibility of the Tenant to establish and pay in addition to the monthly rent. These include but are not limited to water, electrical and gas. Landscaping and pest control are also common expenses that are the responsibility of the Tenant unless otherwise indicated in writing by Rentworks.

Yes, we require every tenant to do a walkthrough of the property upon moving in as well as annually during the Lease Renewal process. It is to the tenants benefit to provide this information to indicate any existing damages either upon moving in or throughout your stay in the home.

You can easily download the AppFolio app on your mobile device or login in to your Tenant Portal through our website to pay your rent online. You can also ask Rentworks for an Electronic Pay Slip to pay your rent in cash or debit card at any of the payslip participating stores.
You can view your tenant ledger, submit work orders , and easily communicate with Rentworks through the Appfolio mobile app or through the Rentworks Tenant Portal.

Most modifications need to be approved by the owner, including but not limited to, painting a room, changing flooring, changing light fixtures etc. Any modifications needed due to a disability will follow all Fair Housing Act regulations.

Most of our rentals do allow pets, some with regulations and some without, depending on the county, HOA or insurance regulations. All animals (Pet, ESA, Service) will be registered with Pet Screening , which include providing any documentation Pet Screening requires. All pets will have a $250 non-refundable fee (qualifying ESA or Service Animals do not have to pay a fee) All renters insurance policies must include coverage for approved pets living in the home.

Many of our homes have an HOA or governing body of the neighborhood or community. Many of the HOA’s will include amenities such as playgrounds, pools, water parks, dog parks and many community activities, etc. that you will likely have access to upon moving in. Most HOA’s have a separate application and approval process. Once your rental application is approved through RentWorks, you will be required to apply to the HOA and pay all HOA application fees and deposits they may require. This information will be disclosed to you BEFORE you apply.

Yes all of our rentals require that all tenants carry both LLIP and renter’s insurance to protect your personal belongings as well as any damages to the owners property. If you do not provide us with a copy of your renter’s insurance policy before your Lease Start Date, you will automatically be added to Rentworks LLIP policy and billed $15/month.
The main difference between renters insurance and tenant liability insurance (LLIP) is, renter’s insurance will cover the tenant’s personal property and tenant liability insurance will cover damages done to the landlords property that was directly caused by the tenants.

Check your Lease Agreement terms to see if your landlord has already outlined a guest policy for people not on the Lease Agreement. Typically guests cannot come to the home more than 14 times in a 12 month lease term without applying, being approved by Rentworks, and then being added to the Lease Agreement.

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