What Technology is Available for Maximizing Your Investment Property?

When you invest in property, your primary goal should be to attract as many potential renters and buyers to it as you can. It sounds easy on paper, but it´s a time-consuming task if you haven´t hired a property management company. If you are flying solo and want to take advantage of what technology can do for you as a property investor, try one of the following two tools for efficiency.

Dropbox: Store Your Investment Property´s Information Securely

Dropbox is a convenient tool that securely stores all your files – business documents, property paperwork, etc. With everything in one central location, you can easily share important information with potential clients and other investors with a few clicks of your mouse – or a few tabs of your fingers via the mobile application. Whether it´s a short meeting note or a long home-tour video, this cloud-based system comes in handy if you´d like to back your information up or create a hub for it. You can access Dropbox via smartphone (iPhone and Android), laptop and PC.

QR Code Readers: Save Time by Providing a Virtual Experience

Speaking of smartphones, QR code readers have become a great way to help property managers and real estate agents showcase their properties without being there to do it. In the old days, potential renters and buyers had to take a flyer, call the number and ask a million questions before they received all the information they wanted. Today, they can simply use their smartphones to scan the QR code on the signage in front of the property and instantly see all the information about it on your website. Not only does it save you time, but it also helps drive traffic to your site.


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