With the holiday hustle and bustle nearing it may be easy to neglect some very obvious Christmas tree tips. Keep reading to help to ensure your holiday is a fun and safe one!


  1. Always measure your ceiling height before you look for a tree.  A big tree isn’t a better tree if it doesn’t fit in your home.
  2. Measure your tree stand! Nothing worse than coming home with a beautiful tree only to find it doesn’t fit the stand!
  3. Don’t put off buying our tree for too long. The sooner you bring the tree home and preserve it in water the fresher it will remain.
  4. Before you decorate, don’t forget to trim the tree! It’s best to remove 1/2 inch from the stem so they absorb more water. They should be able to do this at the tree tent where you purchase your tree.
  5. Keep your tree hydrated! check your tree stand daily or buy a tree stand that has a bigger water-retaining base.
  6. Watch your children and pets around the tree. Curious kids and animals can sometimes cause the tree to fall down.
  7. Keep your tree away from heat sources. At least 3 feet some experts suggest. The last thing anyone wants is for your tree, real or fake, to go ablaze.
  8. String your lights safely!  A general rule of thumb is to never connect more than 3 string of lights together. check for frayed wires and loose connections and always use lights that were meant for indoor usage.
  9. Sweep whenever possible! Sappy needles from a real tree can sometimes cause a clog in your vacuum cleaners.
  10. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!  Unless your area has specific curbside tree pick up programs, recycling your tree is a much better option instead of leaving it for your garbage man to pick up.  Just google “Christmas tree recycling near me” and you are sure to find a place nearby.


Have a happy holiday!