What Happens in the Event of a Maintenance Need in Your Tampa Rental Property?

One of the many tasks a landlord has is to keep the rental property in habitable condition. This includes continually maintaining the rental property and making any necessary repairs as outlined by the lease agreement in a timely manner.

Landlords in Florida Must Maintain and Repair Their Rental Units

Every landlord is obligated by Florida law to offer a habitable rental property when a tenant moves in. Throughout the entirety of the lease agreement, you must continue to conduct maintenance and perform repairs to preserve the rental property´s condition. A habitable rental property has adequate heating, electricity and water. It should also be clean and structurally sound.

Also remember to take a close look at Florida´s landlord-tenant laws to ensure your rental property is following local codes. Many of these codes highlight standards for lighting, ventilation and electrical writing. When in doubt, consult the local codes.

Landlords Who Fail to Preserve Their Rental Units Face Consequences

If you fail to conduct maintenance or perform repairs on your rental unit, a tenant could withhold rent until you complete them. For more information about what allows a tenant to withhold rent, see Fla. Stat. Ann. § 83.60, where you´ll find more about what qualifies for rent withholding, the type of notice a tenant must provide a landlord and the limits and other conditions that apply.


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