What Can You Expect From a Tenant in Your Tampa Rental Property?

As a landlord in Tampa, Florida, it´s important you understand all of the state´s landlord-tenant laws so you don’t find yourself in a tense situation with a tenant. While landlords have their own rights and responsibilities when leasing rental property, so do the tenants. Here are the rights and responsibilities of every tenant.

The Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act is the Law of the Land

When a tenant moves into a rental property in Florida, he or she has rights and responsibilities under state law. The Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act trumps any lease that might have been agreed upon between the landlord and the tenant. It states that a tenant is entitled to the right of a private and peaceful possession of the dwelling. The landlord can only enter the dwelling to inspect the premises or perform repairs, after ample notice has been given and received.

Florida requires that landlords provide every tenant a habitable dwelling. This includes one that has working plumbing, heating and hot water. The dwelling must also be structurally sound, have reasonable security and working locks. Every dwelling must comply with Tampa´s local health, safety and building codes.

What to Do When a Tenant Doesn´t Pay Rent?

One of the most common things to expect from a tenant in your rental property is that he or she won´t pay rent at some point during his or her lease. While this is unfortunate, it´s something you must keep in mind as a landlord in Florida.

When a tenant doesn´t pay rent on time, you must provide him or her with a three-day notice. The tenant will then have three days to either pay the rent or vacate the rental property. The tenant has three options afterward:

  • Pay the rent, which means you can´t proceed with the eviction
  • Move out and risk losing his or her security deposit
  • Go to court and fight the eviction

To ensure a smooth working relationship with tenants, property managers must keep these rules in mind and act accordingly.


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