Summer Safety Measures for Managing Apartment Communities

Managing an apartment community during the summer can make even the coolest of property managers break a sweat. With more activity at the swimming pool, the barbecue area and the playground, it’s important every property manager takes these five measures to ensure everyone not only has fun but also stays safe.

Keep the Pool Clean

According to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 79 percent of its routine safety inspections of public swimming pools in five states – including Florida – resulted in at least one violation. What’s worse, the statistic is based on 84,187 inspections of 48,632 pools, which is no small sample size.

To ensure your community’s pool doesn’t find itself on the CDC’s violation list and make your residents sick, hire a reliable pool cleaner to clean and disinfect it daily.

Keep the Pool Safe

The CDC also reports that about 10 people die from drowning every day, including two children aged 14 or younger. The biggest risk factors include the inability to swim, a lack of barriers and the absence of proper supervision. It’s important that property managers take note that children between 1 and 4 years old are at the highest risk of drowning in an apartment community’s swimming pool. Here are two steps you should take to ensure all the kids in your community aren’t at risk.

  • Build barriers. The pool should have a four-sided fence around it. This lowers the risk of a child drowning in a home swimming pool by 83 percent.
  • Enforce supervision. A small child can fall into a swimming pool quickly and quietly without anyone knowing it. All kids should be supervised at all times.

Don’t Forget About the BBQ Area

What’s a day at the swimming pool without firing up the grill? Many residents find the two go hand-in- hand in making a hot and humid summer day in Florida fun.

What isn’t fun is accidentally starting a fire and not being able to contain it. That’s why every BBQ area should have at least one working fire extinguisher and be a safe distance away from any materials that could easily ignite – like dry trees or shrubs.

As a property manager, it’s your job to create a list of safety rules for your community and enforce them at all times.


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