Summer Property Maintenance Checklist: Inside the Home

In an economy where every part of your property plays a role in determining its overall value, it’s important to maintain it – indoors and out – to get the highest return on your investment. In addition to increasing your home’s value, property maintenance also enhances your lifestyle by ensuring everything remains in working order at all times. And if you’re a renter, property maintenance isn’t voluntary – it’s mandatory. So check off this summer property maintenance checklist to make your life a little easier.

Maintain the HVAC System

Whether performing maintenance on the air conditioner yourself or investing in a preventative maintenance agreement from a professional HVAC contractor, maintaining your heating and cooling system has many benefits: it lowers your utility costs; it lessens your impact on the environment; and it prolongs your system’s life. Although a comprehensive tune-up requires the attention of a certified technician, the easiest task you can complete to ensure system efficiency is to change the HVAC filter monthly.

Test the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Since it involves you and your family’s safety, this task should be on every maintenance list, no matter which time or season of the year. You should test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for two things: 1) to ensure they work properly and 2) to ensure the batteries aren’t low. Carbon monoxide detectors usually last five to seven years.

If you need to replace yours, do so with one that has fuel-cell electrochemical sensors and peak level memory. That way, it’ll alert you of even the lowest levels of carbon monoxide levels inside your home. Also, if you need a smoke detector or help with installation, your local fire department likely has a program designated to assist you.

Clean the Carpets and Wooden Floors

Vacuuming the carpets and mopping the wooden floors in your home are probably weekly chores that you sometimes dread. But these are important to preserving your home’s appearance and value. Each summer, though, you should be making it a priority to take it one step further by deep cleaning your carpets and waxing your wooden floors. While you can rent a machine from your local hardware store and easily deep clean the carpets, waxing the wooden floors takes a bit more skill and should be researched more.

There are many more indoor maintenance tasks to complete, so what would you add to our list?


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