Should You Hire a Tampa Property Manager?

There are many things to consider when debating whether to manage the properties you own in Tampa Bay yourself or hire a property manager. Depending on how much time you can invest and resources you have access to, hiring a property manager might be the better decision. Here’s what you should think about.

Not Hiring a Property Manager: A Psychological and Physical Investment

While managing properties in today’s time of technology makes it easier for any independent landlord, it’s still a psychological and physical investment.

When considering the independent path to managing your properties, remember to:

  • Live within half an hour of your properties to help with time management
  • Invest in an experienced maintenance specialist with contractor connections
  • Use online resources to optimize the property management process

Hiring a Property Manager: A Monetary Investment

If you have the financial means to invest in a property manager who can return that investment by saving money and increasing values, it could lead to a freedom that allows you to devote more energy into other pursuits like hanging out with your family or traveling around the world. But in order to gain that freedom, you must hire a property manager you can trust with your assets and financial future.

Here’s what to consider when vetting Tampa’s premier property managers.

  • Experience: How long has the property manager worked in Tampa Bay?
  • Workload: How many properties does the property manager manage?
  • Distance: How far does the property manager live from the properties?
  • Vacancies: What’s the property manager’s vacancy rate? Turnover rate?
  • Contractors: Does the property manager have access to a network of them?

For more information about the benefits a property manager provides owners, or if you’re interested in hiring a reputable one, contact Rentworks, LLC today.


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