Should You Allow a Renter to Paint Your Property?

One of the most common issues that property managers face is whether to let renters paint their properties. To ensure renters don’t make modifications to your properties, it’s important the rental agreement specifies that they need your permission to do so. If a renter paints your property without permission, he or she would then violate those terms and have to leave it in its original condition.
Otherwise, property managers could have the right to keep a renter’s deposit.

What if a Renter Asks Permission to Paint the Property?

While it’s fair to demand that renters ask permission to paint your property, deciding whether to let them when they do so is another issue. A renter might offer to pay for the paint, let you approve the colors he or she uses and perform the work. This might sound like a tempting proposal to approve, but property managers are within their rights to deny it. When debating whether to let a renter paint the
property, take into account his or her history living in the unit. Has he or she paid rent on time every month? Does he or she keep the properly clean? How long has he or she lived at the property? With a loyal tenant, you might want to relax the rules.

When to Let a Renter Paint or Make Modifications to the Property?

As stated, take the renter’s history at your property into account. If the renter is on a month-to- month lease, it’s probably a bad idea to give him or her permission to paint your property. Conversely, if the renter is on a 12-month lease or longer, you might want to let him or her personalize the property to his or her preferences.

Remember, a coat of paint is a lot cheaper than an empty rental property. The most important thing is that you require permission to paint in the rental agreement.


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