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What is residential property management?  What does a residential property manager do for homeowners?  Why should you hire a residential property manager?

These are valid questions that has Google burned out!  Today, we are going to provide you all with the answers to these questions in our one stop shop blog as well as some information on why RentWorks Property Management stands out from the rest.

So, what is residential property management?  Residential property management companies handle the daily, monthly and yearly duties on behalf of the property owner.  From accounting to evictions, property management firms can assist with maintaining a stress free approach to owning and renting out your property.  Residential property managers use their time and dedication to their owners to work efficiently and effectively in minimizing the homeowner’s expenses while maximizing the homeowner’s profit.  A residential property manager deals directly with homeowners, tenants and prospects.  They work diligently to save you, as the property owner, time and provide further freedom of that time by handling all marketing, rent collection, maintenance repairs, complaints or concerns, evictions and so much more!

All that sounds great, right?  But, why hire a residential property manager to handle your rental property?  Imagine your current tenant decides they do not wish to renew their lease for another year.  You may feel a sense of disappointment if they were a good tenant, but more often than not, we find the good tenants move on due to a small handful of reasons such as first time home buying.  Sometimes, these reasons are out of the homeowner’s control.  However, it is what the homeowner will be left with that brings us to why hiring a property manager can bring a sense of relief and satisfaction regarding the property and prospective tenant placement.  Think about the turnover process and what that entails.  We have to face it, even with perfect tenants, homes do become “lived in”.  So upon any tenant move out, the turnover process can be quite hectic for any homeowner.  The property will need to be cleaned, locks will need to be changed, walls may need repainted, minor (or major) repairs may need serviced and finally a new tenant must be located, screened and approved for residency.  Hiring a residential property manager will mean the entire process is handled in a timely manner to achieve shorter vacancy cycles, happy owners and eager tenants.

There are many management companies all over the nation.  If you are in the market to hire one, how do you choose with so many options?  It can be a tedious process, but it can also be a simple one.  Find that one that stands out from all of the rest in one way or another.

The RentWorks Property Management Team takes pride in their ability to stand out.  With dedication, passion and hard work, the staff makes valuable efforts to maintain constant communication with the owners and tenants alike, all while using their experience in property management and real estate to effectively take care of all of the rental properties they manage.

RentWorks Property Management –

A+ in Customer Service and Client Focus – We strive to keep the communication open for all parties.  We want the absolute best for our homeowners and tenants and understand the value of tenant retention.

Applicant Screenings – We perform applicant screenings on each prospective tenant who applies.  We run detailed credit, criminal and eviction searches as well as confirm income and prior landlord verification.  We pride ourselves on the ability to find our property owners the “perfect” tenant for their specific property.  

Not only does our office handle all duties already noted above in this blog, we also:

Perform Routine Inspections – Whether it be a quick drive by inspection or a thorough walk through of the interior of the property, RentWorks Property Management is here to make sure the properties are up to code and being well maintained.

Accounting – RentWorks Property Management processes all Rent Collection, Deposits, Homeowner Disbursements and other inner office banking tasks.

Vendor Communication, Scheduling, Follow Ups and Payment Processing – RentWorks Property Management requests W9s and Insurance from nearly all of the vendors we use.

Leases and Lease Renewals – Compose, Process and Obtain Lease Signatures.  RentWorks Property Management has a firm understanding of rental rates and potential increases.

Tenant Value, Tenant Communication – RentWorks Property Management understands the value of tenants so the team ensures communication is maintained.

Eviction Processing

…and more.

Less stress, more freedom, more time.  Dedicated management and staff.  RentWorks Property Management does it all.  The team has found that the most lucrative way to ensure client satisfaction is to ensure the entire staff is just that, a team.  A team of residential property management staff working for YOU (and with you) as the property owner.


*If you have any questions on property management services, property managers and/or RentWorks Property Management, please do not hesitate to contact our team*








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