Nothing is peskier than…well…PESTS. Spotting a critter in your home can be alarming and sometimes preventable.

Help keep bugs and critters far way from your property with these helpful tips.

Check all your window screens for tears and rips. Hardware stores sell inexpensive window screen repair kits that are easy enough to fix yourself. Also check doors and windows for for gaps and replace weather stripping as needed.

Keeping your home, especially the kitchen, tidy is imperative in keeping unwanted guests away from your home. Throw away overly ripe fruit and veggies to avoid fruit flies. Wipe counters, sweep floors, store food away and remember to take out the trash! German roaches often seek out crumbs and trash left behind.

Mosquito’s breed in standing water. After a refreshing Florida shower, walk the property and check for pools of water such as in rain spouts, BBQ equipment, pottery, or scattered toys. Also, now is a good time to check for leaks near your AC unit.

Keeping your landscape controlled and avoiding overgrowth is a great way in avoiding a perfect nesting environment for pests. Trim bushes and trees that are near your property. Rake up dead leaves and weed regularly.

If you store firewood in your home, you are inviting termites in. Keep firewood at least 5 ft away from your property and in racks above the ground.

Use a pest control service to come to your home and spray regularly. Many offer affordable maintenance options and can prevent a problem before one begins.

The Rentworks Property Management Team wants to help keep your home a happy pest free place!

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