A properly cared for rental will preserve the value as well as keep tenants happy and renewing their lease for years to come.

Below I will list a few preventative repairs that can be made that will not only protect your investment but save you money.

Landscaping- This is one of the quickest and easiest things a home owner can do to care for a rental property. This makes the property look desirable keeping not only the tenants but also, the neighbors happy.
You can always include the cost of landscaping in the rental amount.

Filter Changes – Replacing them is easy and you can provide a few extra fresh ones to your tenants at move in. This is also a good time to review with tenants how often filters should be checked/changed.

Leaks – it is always best to take care of small leaks such as faucets dripping or running toilets. This will help tenants avoid large bills or prevent an expensive plumbing catastrophe later on.

At Rentworks Property Management we strive for long term happy tenants to ensure the most return on your investment!