How to Handle Complaints from Renters

One renter isn’t picking up his dog’s poop, another plays her music too loud on the weekend – the complaints from renters never seem to stop when you’re a property manager. But handling complaints without losing your cool is what makes you great at the job. Whether it’s a minor problem or a major one, it’s best to have a consistent approach to all the issues you’ll face when managing a property in Florida.

With that said, here are four ways to handle complaints from a tenant with a beef.

Put the Problem on Paper

As soon as you receive the complaint, document it. Not only is this a way to ensure you don’t forget about the issue throughout a busy day, but it’s also a piece of proof you can refer to later on if you need a fresh recollection of what was originally said.

Why: A paper trail that highlights the details of the complaint can prevent disputes.

Resolve the Problem Right Now

Once you document the tenant’s complaint, work to resolve the matter within 24 hours. Initiate the process as soon as you receive the complaint and follow up throughout the day to see how close your team is to satisfying the tenant.

Why: You don’t want another complaint about how slow you respond to requests.

Consider the Complaint’s Legitimacy

If you’ve received a complaint about sound or an emergency, you should resolve the problem right now – literally. In other cases, though, determine whether the complaint is legitimate before moving forward with a course of action.

Why: Set a standard for the community; don’t overload yourself with trivial tasks.

Keep the Tenant Informed

Perhaps it’s impossible to resolve the complaint immediately. Instead of ignoring the tenants, keep them in the loop about when they might expect a resolution. Remember to also document it in writing, in case you have to verify something later.

Why: Happy tenants means low turnover, which means less work and more money.


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