How Should a Landlord Qualify a Tampa Property Management Company Before Hiring Them?

To minimize the amount of vacancies your property suffers and maximize the returns on your investment, you need a property management company that has the experience, education and legal expertise to handle your rental unit. When searching for a qualified property manager in Tampa, Florida, consider these points.

Does the Property Management Company Have a Complete Staff?

The first thing you should look for when hiring a property management company is complete – and qualified – staff. When interviewing potential property management companies, talk to more than one person at the company and get a feel for the average experience and education of the staff members. Are they disorganized?

How Many Years Has the Property Management Company Been in Business?

Of course, the longer the property management company has been in business, the better. This means that the property management company has grown and been able to sustain itself over time – a sign of stability. Don’t discount a young company on the rise, though. This will likely lead to a cheaper rate, but check qualifications!

How Many Properties Does the Property Management Company Manage?

The more properties the property management company manages, the worse it is for your investment – usually. That’s because the more properties they manage, the more stretched a staff of property managers becomes. Remember to take into account how many staff members work at the company, though. If the property management company has the numbers to create a balance, it’s a sign that it’s operating efficiently and effectively. Just be sure to stay away from overloaded companies.

What Will the Property Management Company Do in the Event of a Lawsuit?

In rare cases, you’ll experience a lawsuit and have to go to court to defend yourself as a landlord. Ensure the property management company you select will represent you in the event of a lawsuit and has a high success rate in those instances. Focus on establishing a collaborative relationship with your property management company.


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