How Can a Tampa Property Management Company Properly Protect Your Investment and Interests?

A qualified property manager manages a variety of rental units by advertising vacancies and filling them; negotiating leases and enforcing them; and preserving and securing the property. Here’s how one protects your investment and interests.

Here’s What You Should Expect of Your Property Management Company

A property manager’s number-one priority is to protect your investment – the property – and your interests – the monies associated with it. When you hire a property management company to represent you, it should know how to:

  • Establish your property’s rental rate by surveying other ones in the area
  • Calculate overhead costs, depreciation costs, taxes and the profit goals
  • Create contracts with tenants and negotiate those leases individually
  • Collect security deposits and store them in a safe place
  • Achieve all of your desired financial goals by collecting the rent; paying the bills; making accurate forecasts; preparing the annual budget; scheduling the expenditures; analyzing the variances; and initiating the corrective action
  • Maintain your property by handling all the tenant complaints; enforcing all the rules as stated in the contract; inspecting a vacant unit and completing all necessary repairs; renovating a vacant unit as needed within the set budget
  • Supervise the repairs and ensure all of the property’s systems work
  • Prepare reports by collecting data, analyzing trends and summarizing them
  • Participate in continued education programs and earns new certifications
  • Represent your investment and interests by following all of the above

If you find a property management company in Tampa, Florida, that can accomplish all of the aforementioned points, then it’s a property manager you should work with.


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