Are You Tired of Managing Your Tampa Rental Portfolio by Yourself?

If you’re tired of the hassles that come with managing your own rental portfolio, it might be time to invest in a property manager. A professional property manager will maintain your rental unit, market it and ensure that it´s always occupied. Here´s what to look for when interviewing and investing in a property manager.

Legal Knowledge

First and foremost, you want to hire a property manager that has expertise in the legal field – specifically real estate. To ensure you´re protected if and when a tenant files a lawsuit, look for a property manager who will represent you in court and has a high success rate. A property manager who knows the law will also keep your rental property compliant with all health, safety and building codes.

Network of Resources

Another thing to look for when searching for a property manager is whether he or she has excellent relationships with the local vendors and contractors. When you need a repair at your rental property, your property manager should have the resources to take care of it right away while costing you as little as possible. Good property managers receive major discounts that they pass on to you. Stay away from property managers who benefit from maintenance-related issues.

Tenant Selection Process

Finding the right tenants to fill your rental property with is even tougher than selecting a property manager for your investments. That´s because the right and wrong tenant can make a big difference in your experience as a landlord. Choose a professional property manager who strategizes and invests in marketing. Also make sure he or she has a strict selection process that filters the good from the bad.


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