Knowing how to use your air conditioner effectively can make all the difference in keeping cool. Below are some quick and easy maintenance tips on how to keep your AC system running smoothly.

Keep your thermostat set between 72-82 degrees.
Setting the thermostat to extremely low temperatures, such as 60 degrees, is a huge waste of energy , causes your HVAC to work harder and does not cool your home any faster.

Check filters at least once a month and replace them as needed.

Close off ducts in rooms that are not being used. The less area needed to be cooled the better your system will work and the more money you may save.

Check the coils both indoor and outdoor, if they are dirty the system will perform poorly.

If possible, do not use a humidifier while the AC is on. The AC will need to work harder.

If possible, keep high-energy appliances away from the thermostat (TV, computer, etc) the thermostat will pick up the heat the appliances are emitting and run the AC longer than needed.

Most AC companies offer a maintenance plan for a minimal cost, they will usually go out to your home twice a year to check and clean the system. It is a wonderful investment to keep your system running smoothing and avoiding a later bill later.

Always report all maintenance issues right away, more often than not, the solution is easy and inexpensive if addressed right way.