5 Things You Wish Your Tenants Knew

Some tenants assume property managers just sit around waiting for something bad to happen. When a problem occurs, tenants expect property managers to fix it right away. What tenants don’t understand is that property managers oversee daily tasks in an effort to prevent problems from happening in the first place. While being a property manager isn’t a typical nine-to- five job, tenants shouldn’t expect them to work 24 hours a day. In any case, property managers wish tenants would use discretion when deciding what warrants an urgent call and what can wait.

You Can Call Me Anytime, If…

Tenants should know that they can reach their property manager anytime, but only if it’s during a real emergency. Any situation involving a fire, water damage or security concerns requires immediate attention from the property manager. Your tenant should know they can reach you anytime, but only if the situation calls for it.

Contact Me Early in the Work Day

In most cases, the best time for tenants to contact a property manager is early in the morning, especially if it’s to schedule a repair. Calling the property manager early allows him or her to put the maintenance request into the daily schedule. This leads to a faster response time and a happier tenant. If you’re a tenant and you call your property manager two minutes before 5 p.m. on a Friday, expect to wait a while.

Don’t Delay a Maintenance Call

Delaying a maintenance call until it’s convenient for you – the tenant – can create unnecessary burdens for the property manager. If you discover there’s a problem with your oven on Tuesday, but you don’t contact the property manager until your next day off, it could lead to more expensive weekend repairs or other challenges.

The Call Center is Not the Complaint Center

Many properties provide a 24-hour call center, answering simple questions about property rules, pool hours and rental information. The call center staff relay urgent messages right away and hold non-emergency questions according to the protocol. The call center should not become your personal complaint center, and calling it every 10 minutes to complain about the neighbor’s dog won’t expedite a return call.

I Won’t Bend the Rules Just Because It’s You

While exceptional customer service is an important part of being an effective property manager, it doesn’t mean bending the rules to satisfy each and every tenant. Consistency is an important part of customer service, and property managers must show it if they want to practice fairness across the board.


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