4 Tips For Better End-of-Summer Upkeep

Summer’s official end, while still relatively hot and humid for residents in Tampa, Florida, is the perfect time to give your properties some much-needed attention. Whether it’s performing the usual preventative maintenance, enhancing curb appeal or making upgrades, every property deserves some love before the holiday season.

Here are four end-of-summer tips to maintaining your properties.

Start With Preventative Maintenance

Year after year, we reiterate the same preventative maintenance tasks while trying not to sound redundant, but it’s a needed reminder to complete them.

  • HVAC system. Change the air filter, check the vents for blockages and ensure the outdoor unit is operating normally. Invest in a tune-up, if possible.
  • Clean the carpets. Whether manually or by hiring a professional carpet cleaner, this is an essential part of preserving your carpets for years to come.

Continue With Curb Appeal

Taking care of the area directly outside the property is just as important as maintaining what’s inside of it, especially if you plan to sell it sometime soon.

  • Trim the palms. If there are palm trees on the property, chances are they need trimming. Not only are these excess branches unappealing, but they can pose a threat to property or even life. Remember to trim properly, though.
  • Seal the cracks. To prevent winter’s rainy days from eroding the sidewalks and driveway any more, fill and seal any cracks you notice. Small ones are easy to repair with premixed concrete filler that comes ready in a tube.

Consider an Energy-Efficient Upgrade

There’s no doubt purchasing a new appliance is an upfront cost, but it’s an investment that pays for itself over its lifespan, whether through the utility bill or its longevity. In fact, appliances approved by Energy Star use up to 50 percent less energy than their antiquated counterparts and cut bills by as much as 15 percent.

Finish With a Deep Cleaning

From the kitchen and the bathrooms to the bedrooms and the closets, you should deep clean every square inch of the property at least twice a year. And there’s no better time to do it than after the busyness of the summer has subsided. When cleaning this time, try using natural products that are friendlier for the environment.


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