3 Questions You Should Ask Your Tampa Property Manager Before a Tenant Moves In

Finding a property manager for your rental unit doesn’t have to become a grueling process. If you ask the right questions when interviewing a potential candidate for the position, you’ll receive answers that will help you make the best choice. Here are three questions to ask when interviewing a potential property manager.

Ask Them About Their Real-World Experience as a Property Manager

While education plays a factor in finding a qualified property manager for the position, experience is the number-one indicator of how well someone is prepared for the job. When asking about experience, make sure each candidate:

  • Tells you how long he or she has been a property manager
  • Tells you what kinds of properties he or she has managed
  • Tells you if he or she has experience managing your kind of property
  • Tells you how many properties he or she manages
  • Tells you whether he or she has the time to manage your property

Ask Them About Their Education Before Becoming a Property Manager

Once you’ve built rapport with the potential property manager after asking about his or her experience, check whether he or she has the knowledge and training needed to successfully manage your property. Ensure he or she tells you about:

  • Which licenses he or she has, as most states require one to show apartments
  • Which certifications he or she has earned
  • Which organizations he or she belongs to

Ask Them About Their Knowledge of the Landlord-Tenant Laws in the State

A property manager who has an extensive knowledge of the landlord-tenant laws in the state can save you from a lot of things, including a lawsuit. It’s essential that you hire one who has the legal expertise to do the job. Potential property managers:

  • Should know about federal fair housing laws
  • Should know how to evict a tenant properly
  • Should know the safety codes for your property
  • Should know how to properly collect and store the security deposits
  • Should know how to terminate a lease if it’s needed


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